“Are you looking for a resort town with imperial flair, healing spas, colorful flowering meadows and Alpine charm experiencing a renaissance ? Come to Bad Gasten! Glamorous Belle Époque architecture with its grand hotels attracts aesthetes from all over the world again. Urban flair combined with international design, upper-class style and modern comfort – this is the new profile of the old Diva of the sixties – „Ufo“ architekture by architect Gerhard Garstenauer fit better than ever. Let yourself fall for the morbid charm, the magnificent mountain panoramas, wild and romantic valleys, magical places of power and the stormy waterfall rushing through the town. The crystal clear mountain air, the radon healing mountain (Heilstollen) and the healing power of the Bad Gastein thermal water strengthens body and soul, as Chancellor Bismarck and Emperor Wilhelm II already knew.“
― Smart Travelling Guide
“Besides radon thermal springs and the stunning views of the mountains, especially the architecture of the place exerts attraction on the target group: With the city center closely built on the steep slopes of the mountains, the Bad Gastein houses were built up to 12 floors in height in order to save space. Urban architecture in Alpenland landscape, metropolitan splendor amid the mountains.”
― Bad Gastein reloaded, Die Welt
“It is an extreme picture that Bad Gasten paints: Urban splendor amid the mountains. A summery meeting place for artists, a hub for creatives, a place to rest up and be inspired.”
― Zeit
The summer comeback! Bad Gasten one of the architecturally most exciting places in the Alps. Go there and be inspired by its ambience and atmosphere!
― Woman Magazine