KWP Team

The KWP Chalet & Concept Store Team

The KWP team is a family. Not always related, but maybe that’s why we get along so well. :)
I don’t want to miss a single member of this team and they all deserve to be introduced individually:

My husband Roland Schlager – My Listener, Test Object & Finance Minister
Actually, he’s a management consultant. Hence the role of the Minister of Finance. And he’s a perfectionist. Both do not make my life easier, but it sure does make the KWP3 chalets almost perfect and the chalets as well as the concept store profitable. As a successful management consultant he must listen to every wild idea I have, test products, taste new products & meals and be honest and critical but n o t negative about anything. 😉 I guess, he doesn’t have it that easy either…

My daughter Carlotta (5) – The Tireless Test Subject
She has agreed to take on the difficult task of tasting the cookies and cakes we serve at the KWP Concept Store for coffee almost daily. It would be unforgivable if these tasted badly, so…

My son Felix (10) – Wanna-Be Boss of the Cash Register
He loves helping in the KWP Concept Store, but only at the checkout. Calculating the change is not intended as a mathematical exercise, but only to improve pocket money: the usually very generous tip is always negotiated as his own before the start of working hours. In addition, he is a successful seller of our punches at the KWP Concept Store’s open bar outside.

Mrs. Zeferer and Mrs. Thalhammer – the Pearls of the KWP Concept Store
„Both my ladies,“ share the KWP’s opening hours. They create the mood to make it the “living room in the mountains”. They are excited about each new product (which I bring in regular intervals) and are enthusiastic about the stories of the individual items, in order to be able to tell them to you again. After all, these are what make up the concept of the KWP.

Renate – the Good Fairy of KWP3 Chalets
She makes sure that every new guest feels welcome in the KWP3 chalets, finds everything and is happy about the cleanliness in the smallest corner (provided, but unfortunately not everywhere is to be found anymore).

Mrs. Daniela – with the Magic Sewing Needle and Ready for any Action
She is open to every idea I have and full of energy. Even if sometimes we find out, that it was not all that great. Then it’s all over again. She won’t let herself get upset and is always in good spirits. Without her, there would be no beautiful products in the KWP Concept Store.

Mr. Kasbacher – the One who talks to the Herbs
The KWP Concept Store offers a large selection of teas, salts, peppers and sugars with herbs, flowers and plants from our garden. The idea of having a salt is one thing, but getting really biological, untreated ingredients is another. Mr. Kasbacher does not only mix and stir special fertilizers (e. g. from the coffee grounds of the KWP) but is, it seems to us, in conversation with every plant. :)
In addition, he is supporting tirelessly: if the heating in KWP3 should fail, things need to be prepared before a possible storm, we forgot to water the plants, etc….

Mr. Spanni from Kastein “- Our Man for it All
His real name is Franz Spannberger, but he was “renamed” by Felix (at that time 5 years old) and remains our Spanni to this day.
He made a decisive contribution to the beautiful appearance of the KWP3 and fought in night shifts for the completion of the KWP. Sometimes he drives us crazy when we have to make a sketch for everything and then think about it 3 times. What comes out of all this is always so inconspicuously perfect due to this preparatory work.

My Daddy – and here I’ll introduce you to a Family Secret
At first, he didn’t even believe in a small business in Bad Gastein. And also, what is a „concept store“? Without further ado, the KWP was renamed the “Hasenstall” by him. Today I love to tell him about the small and big successes of the Hasenstall (our store is still affectionately called this way by him) and know how he is happy and proud with us.

My Mommy – helpful Everywhere
She has to test products, run share flyers and establish newsletter partnerships. She steps in with the children, sits crushed between boxes to Bad Gastein before unpacking them, reads out the newsletter for mistakes and when she is visiting, waits patiently every evening, because it just got longer in the KWP Concept Store.

Now only I’m missing – Vanessa Golle
I would like to thank my husband for giving me the chance to start this small concept store. Sometimes things get a bit stressful with the kids, the renting of apartments and the store and still I enjoy it every day. I love finding new products, letting them find me and telling our customers the stories about them. I am so happy about the many, dear compliments of our guests. But without my team, nothing would be possible.